About StarChild

About StarChild

A nursery school run by Human StarChild of Human Holdings Group. We have 35 licensed nursery schools in Japan, mainly in the Tokyo area. We also have 30 years’ experience in nurturing healthy children and have branched in Indonesia and Malaysia. To ensure the highest level of quality, we operate in the manner of a Japanese-licensed nursery school.

Our Vision

We believe in the infinite potential of every child, developing their talent and spontaneous efforts to the fullest.

We operate based on Japanese childcare standards and childcare content.

EDU-Port Japan

According to Japan’s Ministry of Education (MEXT) and the OECD, "education in early childhood is crucial for the way we live our lives later in life." Acquiring a diverse set of cognitive and non-cognitive skills at an early age will facilitate later learning.

In 2019 and 2020, MOE adopted StarChild Nursery in Jakarta, Indonesia as a pilot project of EDU-Port Japan.

Wallet Curriculum

Wallet Work BookWallet Work Book

WALLET is an innovative StarChild program based on the "5 fields of childcare in Japan."
We can provide a well-balanced education with a curriculum that includes on theme per week and one point per day using 500 creative flashcards.

48-week daily curriculum for children up to the age of 4 that leads to the improvement of

  1. Mental and physical health
  2. Relationships with others
  3. Events in the familiar environment
  4. Words
  5. Feelings and expressions.

HQS Certification

HQS Certification Logo

Human StarChild provides "HQS certification (HOiKU Quality Standard) service", which includes quality assessment, training, and consulting for childcare services for corporations operating childcare businesses.
We have standardized the safe and secure childcare services, operational and staff training know-hows that we have cultivated as our own criteria.
We support the operation and establishment of daycare centers that comply with these standards, mainly for service providers who have concerns about their operation systems and service quality, and aim to accelerate the expansion of safe and secure daycare centers.

About HQS Certification